Friday, September 19, 2008


not sure if anyone has seen this yet, it's David Archuleta's new song...CRUSH!!! enjoy!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008


this lask week was homecoming. and it was so much fun! the guy i like from Utah came up. when he asked me, apparently everyone was in on it. my mother, and his cousin and her family! he mailed up this package to me from Utah. it was so cute! i got a my chemical romance cd. i knew i was gonna get it since July when i saw him. then also this necklace that is half a heart and he has the other half. and also this paper. it's blue with the quote "just when it's tempting to think days are predictable something extraordinary happens..." then it says "will you go to YOUR homecoming with me?" then he signed his name. it was so cute! so this is how i said yes (keep in mind i was sick the day we made this, so i sound weird and i was dead tired by the end):

it was great fun to make it!! lol. then on Friday, it was the actual homecoming game. which was fun. we did lose tho. 22 to 28. we played twin Falls. and the dance team did a way good job! and then that's when i see Saxton. him and his cousin (which is my good friend, Stephanie) got there when there was like 38 seconds left!! haha. but we just sat and talked in a field. then i convinced him to come play american idol!! it was funny. he didn't know like any of the songs. only like one or two. haha. then we played 3 games of speed and then a game of Skipbo.

Anyways, the next day, they picked me up at about one. we doubled with Stephanie's brother, Brett and his date, Rachael. i get picked up then we pick Rachael up, then we drive to Mesa Falls. we got lost. which was exciting. so that was an extra like abot 45 minutes extra. just walking around. then we wanted to go to Cave Falls, we were half way there then had to turn around because we had to get ready. so we head back. got there at like 5 30. then i got ready and did my hair. actually, my old YW leader did my hair cuz she can. haha. then they pick us up at like 7.

we go over to Brett's and Stephanie's house for a "fancy" dinner. they have a room right at the front of the house where they set up a nice table, and decorated it all prettily. and there was some classic music playing in the background. and they're litte brother, Justin, was the waiter. it was so cute! we first had salad, then we had chicken or something, with mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans, and rolls! quite yummy! lol. then we go to the dance, have our pictures taken, the end! just kidding! we dance and have fun! they played lots of good songs and i knew like almost all of them. haha. it was funny! Saxton knew like hardly any of the songs. hehe. oh ya! we got seperated with our group during it cuz there was a lot of people, so after we just go try to find them, couldn't, and couldn't find the car! so we were just walking home and then we see Brett just driving up. turns out he took Rachael home! which is very sad. but other than that, it was a fun night!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


oh my gosh! who's seen this and absolutely loved it??? Meryl Streep was amazing. she's such a good actress. and also Mrs. Weasley from harry potter!!!!! oh my gosh! i had no idea til my mom told me today. she's way good too. i always thought she was one of the better actors in H.P. here's a couple clips: and i can't wait to see it again hopefully soon!!!!


oh my gosh! this is the first time i heard this song on the radio and i absolutely loved it! i am obsessed with it! and i am absolutely excited to buy this cd! he's just amazingly hott and his voice...! oh my gosh!!! yay!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


As probably everyone knows, i absolutely LOVE the Twilight saga. i've read all 3 (Twilight, New Moon AND Eclipse) in just a matter of days this last week! and of course, those aren't small books. they're books with atleast 500 pages in them and over 20 chapters. i think i got on my parents nerves cuz i just sat and read all day. it was so much fun tho! and now, i CANNOT wait until Saturday when Breaking Dawn finally comes out! I am so excited. i cannot wait to read it and see how it ends! There's just so many questions i want to get answered: who does bella choose? does Bella become a vampire? what happens to Jacob? Edward?
all of the questions!!! oh my gosh! the suspense is killing me! and yes, i'll be sitting on my butt all day once i get it, mother!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well...this was the first year of community theater in this VERY small town. they did the movie steel magnolias which was good. lots different from the movie tho. and a very small turnout, and we had to be atleast 17 to audition. and then there was the musical "joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat" i was able to audition for that one. i just went there on a saturday and sang "Wishing you were somehow here again" and within the next week i found out that i was in it. i was one of the Adoring girls. you know, they're the ones that in the 2nd act, they go crazy over pharoh and then joseph. it was a lot of fun. i made some new friends and it was just fun. this last week was when it was on. it opened on Thursday, July 17 and went thru Saturday, July 19th. we had very good turnouts all 3 nights. they were just long and somewhat boring. here's the couple of pictures i actually took (on Closing Night)

This is one with me and my friend Maria. she was an adoring girl with me. the outfits we had on were we had to hold a coconut cup (that was me) and sunglasses (That was her) for the narrator during "Benjamin Calypso" which is the hawaiian one.

The is where we were bored. so we sat in a circle and put our heads on eachothers legs. there's me, Hannah, Annelise, and Shayla.

This is just one where me and Hannah are bored so decided to take a picture.

This is a picture of all the adoring girls. sorry it's very dark tho.

Just all of us over the Pharoh who was played by Dave. he was an amazing pharoh and he's really funny.

it was a really fun to work on even tho it did take lots of hours with going to rehearsal and finding the perfect costumes for all the dances we were in.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


This is the book i just finished reading. it's called "The Hollow Kingdom" by Clare Dunkle. it's so good! i recommend it! i just read it for hours on Friday cuz i was so into it!
It's about these 2 girls that have to move with their "Great Aunts" but it turns out they arent even related! which they find out within the first couple chapters of the book. it has, humor, horror, etc! so anyways...these 2 girls have moved in, and they settle down and like to go wander around then watch the stars at night. but once they get lost and they find these "Gypsies". the oldest girl, Kate, knew there was something different, but the youngest, Emily, just thought these people were nice. so that's where the story begins! if you love magical things, goblins, elves, this is a good book!